Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Zim's new friend


....China has promised to help Zimbabwe and to not interfere in "internal affairs".

I see nooothing...

China "trusts Zimbabwe's government and people have the ability to deal properly with their own matters", a foreign ministry statement said....

Deal properly: Translation: deport opponants to countryside so they can die of famine without pesky reporters noticing...worked in China...

China, one of the world's fastest growing economies, is already ranked as one of Zimbabwe's largest trading partners and has supplied buses, civilian and military aircraft to Mr Mugabe's government.

No petrol, no food, but we have buses to move troops more efficiently, and military aircraft to...what does Zim need military jets for anyway....

In contrast, Zimbabwe is one of the world's fastest shrinking economies, with high unemployment, soaring inflation and shortages of food and fuel.

Old allies

But Mr Mugabe's six-day visit demonstrates Beijing's growing involvement in the continent.

It also shows China's determination to welcome an old ally, regardless of Mr Mugabe's pariah status in the West, the BBC's Quentin Sommerville in Shanghai says.

The ties between China and Mr Mugabe date back to the 1970s war of independence, when fighters from his Zanu party were armed by the Chinese.

So, it's all China's fault...and BTW the World Council of churches that no one goes to also funded guns for Mugabe...wonder if when they finish finding "civil rights violations" in the Philippines if they will bother to go there....

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