Tuesday, July 19, 2005



HARARE – Zimbabwe police yesterday destroyed an industrial and office block in Harare’s red-light Kopje district barely three days after the government announced it was temporarily halting its controversial urban clean-up exercise.

First they come for the peddlers, and now they're after the hookers (or does "red light" district mean something different in Harare?)

The office complex at the corner of Speke Avenue and Luck Street in Kopje, housed general dealers in spare parts, coffins and wooden furniture.

Now, tell me why a bank should lend money to a government that is destroying office complexes?

and this probably doesn't make the African Union very happy:

“We don’t take our orders from newspapers. We are under strict instructions to destroy this place. It is full of foreigners that are involved in shoddy deals,” said one police officer.

Tenants, most of them believed to be Nigerian businessmen who have flocked to Zimbabwe since the country's economic crisis began to worsen five years ago, watched in shock and horror as armed police and bulldozers razed the property to the ground yesterday morning.

A few lucky ones were able to grab one or two pieces of furniture or some stationery before the rest went down with the building into one huge heap of rubble.

The demolition of the Harare building happened as a South African Council of Churches (SACC) delegation arrived in Zimbabwe yeste

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