Thursday, July 07, 2005

Taxation without representation

Ah, but Kofi Annan wants to start a global tax on airline tickets to fund AIDS treatment...


Translation: Some French and German bureaucrats want to tax Filippino OCW's plane tickets to fund Aids in Africa...and the French/German/Swiss banks will get rich because most of the money will go to corrupt government official and be diverted to their bank accounts...

What was that saying: Taxation without representation is tyranny? Who gave some French bureaucrat the right to take my Filippino family's money? When did WE vote for that?

It's bad enough that our local politicians steal our money (at least we can vote them out if they steal too much)...we don't need it to be sent to a corrupt African country to be placed in some dictator's Swiss bank account...

However, the evil Bush and his neocons might throw a wrench in that plan:


11:50 PDT EDINBURGH, Scotland (AP) --

World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz said Wednesday that both African nations and developing countries had a responsibility to tackle corruption that is damaging the continent....

"The responsibility to deal with corruption is not just something for African governments and African people," he told the conference. "The developed countries have a huge responsibility as well. They have a responsibility I think to help the poor countries in Africa recover some of the assets that have been taken from them and deposited in banks in developed countries."

Wolfowitz said there must be a recognition that "every corrupt transaction has two parties to it .... we all have a responsibility to try to crack down on both ends of these transactions."

(Translation: watch out...Wolfowitz is an evil Neocon...and, as a certain murderous dictator found out, you don't mess with Texan Neocons...)

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