Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Come let us mock the good

The quote is from Yeats...and ends: Mock mockers after that, for we failed to help the great, the good and prefer mockery...

One welcomes all those trying in their hearts to help the poor, but leave it to the irracible Mark Steyn to prick a hole into the bubble of enthusiasm...


He discusses how the lawyers managed to hide the money inherited from the late Linda McCarthy from the British Government...and that the taxes lost to the UK were almost as much as the early Live Aide concert...

And points out essentially the same thing as NYTimes Kristoff: Much of the help is "lost" to corruption...

On the other hand, Live 8 is helping: aging rock stars.


THEY came out of charity. They left with booming record sales.

The galaxy of rock stars who took part in Live 8 concerts on Saturday to help beat the curse of poverty have seen their records fly off the shelves in British music stores, proving that cash balances as well as consciences were the winner.

According to HMV, one of Britain's main record retailers with 200 stores nationwide, Pink Floyd's Echoes album posted a staggering 1343 per cent increase in sales on Sunday compared with the same day a week ago.

(heads up from Aussie blogger Chernkoff).

Dear Rock stars.
After the tsunami, actress Sandra Bullock took out her check book and wrote a check for a million dollars....

If every rock star did the same, just think of all that money.

HINT: Make it out to "Dominican Sisters" and have someone fly it down to Sister Patricia Walsh to restart their destroyed Aids clinic and orphanage.

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