Thursday, July 14, 2005

Peaceful protest is possible

Here's a BBC report of a small but peaceful protest in the Philippines.


It is "small" becauseboth of the people power revolutions had a million people demonstrating peacefully...

And Gloria (the prez of the Philippines) is only accused of stuffing the ballot box...

I posted this to put things into perspective.

Yes, we have about a murder a day of rural politicians, usually by the local communists.
Yes, we have corruption.
Yes we have shantytowns burnt down, usually by "accidental fires", but those displaced are usually aided by locals and churches and government officials, not told to go home to their villages.

But the chaotic democracy is viable here...the lack of protests to destroying thousands of homes is not a normal response of a free people to a government bully...

And now my friends say the destruction is not limited to Harare or even the larger cities, and that rural markets are being destroyed...

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