Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Zim's challenge to the left


Alas, it is written in the dialect of "leftist idological gobblygook" and is almost impossible to's one of the less extreme examples of the jargon you have to wade thru to see his point:

For intellectuals working from within a historical materialist framework this is enormous challenge, but one that has to be faced if the analysis of the specificities of a concrete political situation is not to appear like a voluntarist addition to structuralist assumptions, with little organic basis in such analyses. Moreover this weakness will have serious political effects, particularly in the failure to understand the force of particular discourses, and the hegemonic reach of, potential or actual, of post-colonial elites in the region. This applies for example to constructions of Nationalism and Race in the region, to which the discussion now turns.

the best stuff are the quotes from Moyo, who at least can speak/write basic English...
Much of the negative fallout from the occupations movement, including its short term gain, has to be weighed more seriously against the longer term gains to the broader democratisation process, of creating space for awareness and participation in the basic social struggles hitherto dominated by formal state structures and urban civil society.

Translation: people will have to suffer to make a paradise....

Alas, the twentieth century is washed in the blood of democides by social engineering in the name of long term goals.

I believe the article is saying that human rights activists have to condemn the evils being done in the name of good....

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