Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Nursing shortage hits rural hospitals


The Zimbabwean government has stepped up efforts to train more primary healthcare workers amid growing concern over deteriorating healthcare delivery in rural areas. According to the official Herald newspaper, rural hospitals and health centres urgently needed 3,337 nurses....

imbabwe admitted earlier this year that the country was still losing trained medical personnel to neighbouring and overseas job markets, which offered better opportunities and conditions of service. The government had turned to recruiting doctors and medical specialists from Cuba and Egypt to alleviate shortages.

I tried to find a "church" note about hospitals, but most of the web pages are grossly out of date (this Catholic site blames everything on British colonialization...umm...fellahs, that was twenty years ago...and things have gotten worse, not better...whoops, sorry, I"m not PC: can't be judgemental against marxist presidents...can't be judgemental...)

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