Saturday, December 29, 2012

Africa's Nobel Prize winners



Here in the Philippines, everyone has cellphones, but now Africa is catching up.

Strategypage's mainly depressing podcast on Africa points out how cellphones are making a difference (fast forward to 31 minutes). Honest banking!


the Heart of darkness

On my medical blog, I sometimes link to a CDC survey that shows 5 percent of heterosexual boys and 20 percent of "gay" boys have "had intercourse" below age 13.

By definition that is rape, and child abuse, but to call this a public health crisis might upset the gay lobby, who pretends it might be "risk behavior" but doesn't want to publicize it. So the survey blithely puts it into the same category as drinking soft drinks or not eating veggies. No judgementalism here, folks, just move along.

Yet since sexually abused children tend to have a higher risk of depression, alcoholism, suicide, drug use, violent outbursts etc, shouldn't someone connect the dots? No: these problems are blamed on "homophobia", and the churches.

A similar non judgementalism can be found in the US Army instruction booklet that tells American soldiers not to be judgemental against the rich in Afghanistan who exploit boys or kill girls.

What the cultural sensitivity program was trying to get across was that the Afghan attitude towards sex was very different than in the West. Moreover in the Islamic world, sex is, well classified; especially illicit sex. Some enterprising Western journalists have already done some reporting on the ancient practice (in the entire region, from North Africa to India) of using young (well, teenage down to about ten) boys for sex and other entertainments (dancing, cross dressing, camel jockeys). This has been a thing with the rich and powerful in the area for thousands of years. In some places it is sort of legal, but generally it is tolerated, even if officially forbidden. That's because this sort of thing is most popular among the wealthy and powerful. 
again, we are not talking about consensual sex in men, but the rape of children by the rich and powerful.

Ah but such things never happened in Africa did they:

UKIndependent article on sexual abuse of male prisoners in Kenya's MauMau period.

this left wing website says the numbers were even higher (but might be exaggerating the numbers for their agenda).

The rape of women in Africa has gotten publicity, but but not that of males.

a more recent report shows a lot of men and boys being raped in the wars of Central Africa.

An estimated 23.6 percent of men from the eastern DRC regions of Ituri, North Kivu and South Kivu have been exposed to sexual violence during their lifetime, according to an August 2010 study titled, the Association of Sexual Violence and Human Rights Violations With Physical and Mental Health in Territories of the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

However, few organizations are assisting male survivors of sexual violence, focusing instead on sexually abused women. 
why am I putting this here and not on my medical blog?

Mainly to bookmark the links. You see, the Obama administration is pushing gay rights on to Africa. When the Africans protest, they are called "homophobic". Because it is simply not polically correct to mention that many gay American men are raping 13 year old boys (unless they are Catholic priests or boyscout leaders, then the accusations are trumpeted to destroy these organizations, who dare to oppose the gay sex/promiscuity/abortions for all agenda)...and I won't even mention the gay sex tourism here in the Philippines....

and if Americans can't get anyone in the mainstream media to notice a CDC report on rape of boys, why should they bother to ask if Africans might oppose the "gay agenda" because too many know victims of such things, and see the need to strengthen sexual morality, not to destroy it, in the name of protecting their children.

Political correctness comes before children, you see...

related item:

The Hearts of Darkness; Why Most of the Mayhem Is in Pushtunstan and Central Africa - 12/20/2012
Jim and Austin talk about the Congo and other places in the world where anarchy rules.
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Ancient trade links

From a PBS site

Given all the racism, finding Cohen DNA among the Lemba doesn't mean that "white people" built Zimbabwe, but that Africa was not the "dark continent" but had trading links with the Middle East for at least 2000 years, maybe longer.

And the story of African kingdoms and the trading routes (including alas the Arab slave trade) is not a well documented story in the west.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Nigeria news

Strategypage has an article on Nigeria's problems.

summary: "insurgents" who kill civilians, government military/police who kill almost as many civilians as terrorists, kidnapping civilians for money, and politicians stealing everything in sight.

Sounds like the Philippines but ten times worse.
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