Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Africa to pass the Middle East in prosperity?

TPMBarnett's blog keeps an eye on globalization, and in an article about the Middle East he includes this comment:

 The Arab world has an enormous amount of catching up to do WRT globalization, and it will be awful in execution (and with Africa leaping ahead on many fronts, the Middle East and North Africa - or large portions of it - risk becoming globalization's long-term basket case).

he has several other African and South African analyses on his blog, many about North Africa's war on terror, but in this article about cellphones, he has this comment:

Biggest analytic mistake I've ever made was overestimating how slowly (yes, my original post had me mis-stating this) Africa would embrace globalization and succeed with it.  Totally blew it.

Police seizing radios in Zim

also from the BBC:

She and two other villagers were made to identify their neighbours who had radios, capable of picking up FM, AM and shortwave signals, which had recently been handed out by a small non-government youth organisation that had been in the area building a road and some community toilets.
"They took my cell phones and demanded to know the identity of people in my phone," she said, explaining how bedrooms and kitchens were thoroughly inspected.
"A lot of people were taken to the police station and we were warned that those that would be found with the radios [in future] will disappear."
The confiscations have left some people fearing that in the run-up to elections, the free media guarantees in the newly approved constitution will not be respected.

Eu suspends sanctions against most Zim officials

BBC article HERE.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Guess who got arrested?

From AlJazeerah: Zimbabwe police arrest PM's aides Top lawyer and four officials from prime minister Tsvangirai's party detained, a day after constitutional referendum.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pushing drugs on Africans

From the African Executive:
Musician Chris Brown from the US got lots of money to give a concert, and praised smoking marijuana to the youth there.
As part of Ghana’s Independence celebration, Chris Brown who was billed to entertain the Ghanaian youth, took the entire nation by surprise as the American artist was rather busy smoking “wee” live on stage to the admiration of the security services and the crowd, mostly children below 16 years of age. Meanwhile the act of smoking marijuana in Ghana is a serious crime punishable by severe prison sentence. This is because marijuana has destroyed the lives of many of the youth, a challenge which has prompted the government of Ghana to declare a war on drugs.
The “Hope City Concert” was meant to be a once-in-a-life-time concert, an event specially designed to mark Ghana's Independence Day: a day which Ghanaians ought to have observed in honour of their forefathers who shed their blood in the struggle to rescue the motherland from a brutal and barbaric British colonial rule.
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