Monday, November 08, 2010

The horrors of the wars in Africa, and how they manipulate those who help

The New Yorker has an article on the negative effects of NGO's on Africa's wars

My only comment is that it starts in Biafra, but at a time when the same peaceniks who wanted to stop the "genocide" in Viet Nam ignored the atrocities by communist there, during the war and then after the war "ended".

But what the article doesn't notice is that it is evil men who manipulate and steal from those who are trying to help. It's like blaming the cop for arresting an abusive husband, or complaining about the Manila police who risked their lives to rescue the Chinese tourists held hostage. Or ignoring the many genocides and wars of Saddam Hussein but then blaming Bush when Hussein's backers bomb and kill innocent Iraqis (or when Iran pays back their own war dead by helping their co religionist militias to kill Hussein's backers).

Killing is bad, but until what is missing is moral clarity, moral condemnation of those who aim at civilians to manipulate public opinion or who kill and steal to get rich.

Until one has the moral clarity to condemn the cause of the murders, instead of condemning those

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Ancient secrets of Zimbabwe

an article about archeology in Zimbabwe.

I am bemused that one of the archeologists from Norway found he couldn't boss people around, but had to ask permission and then found the locals didn't want him to dig.

Good for the locals.

But one wishes things would improve so local archeologists could do digs to investigate the ancient history of Zimbabwe without a western superior bias.
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