Saturday, July 16, 2005

Spying on Zimbabwe

How does one "spy" on a poor country? Did they have new stealth airplanes and tell someone? or perhaps they stole a new tobacco plant? Or did they discover UFO wreckage that Mugabe was covering up? Exactly what is there in Zimbabwe that is a state secret?


Zimbabwe accuses church delegation of spying

State media in Zimbabwe is claiming a South African church delegation which visited the country this week was funded by British spy agencies.

Oh, they were funded by spy agencies...Proof? Proof? we don't need no stinkin proof...

Citing government sources, the state-run Herald newspaper says the South African Council of Churches delegation was funded by a Zimbabwe-based British spy.

Let's see...a British Spy in Zimbabwe transferred a couple thousand dollars to the African council of churches to send the delegation...Paper trail? Wouldn't it have been more efficient for the Brits to have the money send thru a rich South African spy? Naah...too logical...

The newspaper reports that criticism from the delegation was part of a British campaign to bring about regime change in Zimbabwe.

Church leaders returned to South Africa highly critical of the Mugabe Government's demolition campaign which has left hundreds of thousands of people homeless.

The newspaper has previously accused Britain of using chemical warfare to cause climate change and drought in Zimbabwe.

I "fisked" a previous article with this absurd claim...saying that even Art Bell's conspiracy buffs would blame it on HAARP, not on "chemical warfare"...but we're not talking about logic here...

The Herald says a multi-million dollar shopping centre in Harare will be the next to be demolished because it was erected without the proper permits.

Heck, even in the Philippines, we don't demolish multi million dollar shopping centers for having no permits...we merely ask for a huge bribe not to close the place down for not having proper papers...come on, guys, why destroy it when you can make all sorts of money from bribes?

On the other hand, as I noted earlier, they are not merely "cleaning up" the cities, since rural markets have also been destroyed...a fact not reported this is probably merely an ideological destruction of the government's enemies...

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