Friday, July 01, 2005

Genocide scholars see....genocide...who woulda thought...


The Zimbabwe government organized major massacres during the 1980’s against the Matabele people, which cost over 20,000 lives. The massacres were carried out by an all-Shona army brigade trained by North Korean advisers.

NORTH KOREA? Another "axis of evil" link...coincidence?

The Mugabe government has again organized Shona youth militias, nick-named the “Green Bombers,” who terrorise members of the political opposition, many of whom are Matabele.

Similar to nazi "Brownshirts" or the militia of streetthugs in Ruanda...?

The government’s denial of food thus has an ominous ethnic dimension, an early warning sign of potential genocide by attrition.

Denial of food to targeted groups and forced evacuation of poor communities are among the tactics used in past politicides.

Think: Cambodia, Ukraine, China's great leap forward....

These policies are creating a humanitarian crisis for targeted ethnic, economic, and political groups in
Zimbabwe. They constitute an early stage of a politicide aimed at eliminating ethnic, class and political opponents of the government.

Alas, their solution is to have other governments and NGO's send letters saying they are wery wery angwy....

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