Thursday, July 07, 2005

Come let us mock the good...part two.

More editorials on the problem of giving aid to corrupt governments.

Neil Cavuto LINK
compares giving money to corrupt governments to giving money to Tony Soprano (of the Mafia)..To outsiders reading this, it probably makes the do gooders see red, not to mention the "all third world revolutionary leaders are saints" types, who will blast him for his insensitivity to poor countries...

But I grew up in an Italian neighborhood in a large city...and since Cavuto is Italian American, he probably knows that the Mafia does indeed give money to poor people-- it was originally founded in Sicily to do this. And many people who could not get money from banks have started businesses with Mafia money, and many very poor families have been helped with funeral and school expenses by Mafia money... but of course, most of the money in the Mafia funds corruption, extortion, and fancy houses for the leaders...

So Cavuto is right.

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