Sunday, July 03, 2005

Axis of evil take two

Isn't it amazing that certain countries love Mugabe?

Now, this article is about Iran, whose election was full of questionable practices (like not allowing certain people to be candidates, or that some areas had more votes than people-- sounds like Chicago).

It seems that Iran "monitored" Mugabe's election...
Iranian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Hamid Mo'ayyer met and conferred with Zimbabwean Minister of Foreign Affairs Simbarashe Mumbengegwi in the city of Harare on matters of mutual concerns, Iran's Foreign Ministry announced Saturday, according to IRNA.

During the meeting, Mumbengegwi expressed his gratitude to Iran for dispatching a high-ranking delegation to supervise Zimbabwe's parliamentary election held on March 31.

A "fair election"...after all, if you know the government will only send your famine affected village needed food if the village votes correctly, guess who you will vote for?

The ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) won the election.

The minister said the election shed light on Zimbabwe's stances toward democracy, implementation of laws, and human rights against the US and Britain.

One suspects this is a grammatical error, but ironically it shows the reality: that Mugabe is rejecting rule of law and ordinary human rights as proposed by the evil US and Britain...

He referred to his country's pressing needs for agricultural machinery and land reform policies, calling for expansion of bilateral ties.

The Iranian envoy, for his part, felicitated Mumbengegwi on the 25th anniversary of Zimbabwean revolution.

He also praised successful organization of Zimbabwe's parliamentary election.

Mo'ayyer said the Iran-Zimbabwe Joint Commission would meet in August, calling for cooperation in new fields.

He urged Zimbabwe to make further efforts to accelerate the implementation of Zimbabwean projects Iranian companies are carrying out.

The rule is: FOLLOW THE MONEY...
And if you want to know what this is about, it is not merely mischief making of Iran against the "great Satan", but about Iran making huge profits off of Zimbabwe


Vice-president takes fuel begging bowl to Iran print friendly version
author/source:Zim Online (SA)
published:Fri 1-Jul-2005
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Mujuru will offer Tehran and Al Shams officials huge concessions in the mining sector

The mining mentioned is coal mining, which the mullahs don't really need---
Indeed, as the article points out, an earlier Libyan deal fell thru because what was offered was essentially useless, and Libya wanted hard cash...

LINK to mineral wealth of Zimbabwe...

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