Sunday, July 24, 2005

Human rights probe

Since I'm always bashing human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, I think that I should compare it to another third world country, just to put things into perspective...

Here some European Clergymen from European countries where no one goes to church so the government has to tax people to pay their salaries has condemned Gloria for human rights abuses...


The leftist human rights group Karapatan recently reported that 411 people have been killed in extra-judicial executions, assassinations and anti-insurgency operations since Arroyo took office in January 2001. In addition, 130 people have disappeared after being abducted and 245 others have been tortured, allegedly by government forces, the group said.

Wilhelm Soriano of the government's Commission on Human Rights said its own investigation showed most victims belonged to left-wing organizations, but it has "not yet validated" that those responsible were members of the military, government militia or vigilantes.

Summary: 411 deaths in four years...

Ah, but how many of Mugabe's enemies were killed in the last four years? And one wonders if these deaths were assassinations, or merely killed in gunfights (11 communists were killed in a gunfight near here two months ago.)

But this didn't count the barangay captains, mayors, sub mayors, inspectors, or policemen killed by the Communists...this averages to about one a day.

And if you want to see Democracy in action, watch the big anti Gloria demonstration in Manila tomorrow...and then ask yourself why you don't see any similar ones in Hatfield....

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