Wednesday, July 13, 2005

South Africa deports Zim refugees

the news story makes a big thing about two people dying...but heck, stressed out malnourished people die quite easily. The big thing in this story is this line:

Correspondent Don Mafingenyi said over a 1000 refugees were forcibly deported from Lindela by the South African authorities last week, in spite of protestations.

If 1000 were deported, then how many refugees are in South Africa?

Mafingenyi was part of the large group that was deported. He said he was wrongfully arrested in Johannesburg on a visit there from Botswana and described the experience as 'shocking'

He said Zimbabwean refugees, detained as various centres in South Africa, are treated like criminals. Speaking to us from Gaborone on Monday after making his way through Zimbabwe, Mafingenyi saw first hand the dehumanising conditions detainees are made to live in.

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