Friday, July 01, 2005

Non violent protests

At times I am cynical about non violent letters of discontent by governments againt Mugabe...
Mainly because the last hundred years show that democides rarely have been stopped by letters when the murderers know that they will not be backed by force...

However, peaceful protests have worked.
And this week, we Filippinos have buried our dearly beloved Cardinal who led demonstrations against Marcos.


And one is hopeful that churches are pressuring non violent action in various ways

African council of churches

US Bishops condemn demolitions

Catholic bishops in New Zealand asked that their cricketeers not go there
and Cardinal O'Connor asks the UK not to send back the asylum seekers to probable death


Is a summary of how South African church groups are protesting what is going on...
Archbishop Ncube, of course, has asked for non violent demonstrations last March, which did not succeed...

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