Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Africa ignores a mote in it's eye


The Christian Science Monitor has another editorial on Zimbabwe...

It starts by talking abou G8 meeting and Live 8...but then the usually idealistic editors go on to say:

The fact that the African summit didn't say boo about the Zimbabwe tragedy shows just how much the West should be wary of giving more aid to nations whose leaders can't even speak out against Mugabe.

Annan did boldly tell the 53-nation summit that people "threatened with such terrible crimes are entitled to look for protection not only to their regional neighbors, but also to the international community as a whole." .....

Well, Zimbabwe's starting to bite. Refugees are pouring out, hunger is rampant, and violence escalates.

Ginning up foreign aid is fine.

But doing something about Zimbabwe's spouting volcano is urgent.

For those of you who went to school in Europe, or in the US after 1964, the editorial is quoting Jesus, who said take the stick out of your eye before you remove the mote in your brother's eye....

They also have a nice article about living on one dollar a day: showcasing a woman in malawi who sells snacks to make a living.


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