Friday, July 29, 2005

World council of Churches condemn policies



In a statement issued by its

International Affairs director's office, the WCC labeled the evictions

that have left hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans homeless as

"an operation of segregation against the working poor".

"To carry out such acts of

cruelty," the statement says, "shows

clearly that the government is losing the moral and ethical ground

for leadership, healing and reconciliation."

The WCC statement

affirmed and supported the recent messages of the Zimbabwe

Council of Churches (ZCC) and the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops'

Conference (ZCBC), which condemned the so-called

because of the "untold suffering" caused

and its "cruel and inhumane means".

While calling on the

government to "urgently address the pressing needs" of the

evacuees, the WCC affirmed that "churches and relief organizations

should also be given unrestricted access to the displaced


If Zimbabwe is to be

reconciled, rebuilt and healed, the WCC statement affirms, its

government should "dismantle the restrictions on fundamental

freedoms" and initiate dialogue with the opposition, churches and

civil society.

Ah, you ask: What's that line about "losing the mortal and ethical

ground for leadership?
Well, the WCC actually funded Mugabe during the



Well, you might say,

why not... they were figthing an unjust government...well, I

agree...the problem was that Mugabe was NOT the only one fighting

that unjust government...essentially the WCC decided that since he

was a Marxist idealist, he was the "horse to back" so to speak...not

other revolutionary leaders who were willing to compromise with the

"evil" Smith government...

And indeed, the WCC

actually held a meeting in Harare back in 1999...

which was amazing,

given Mugabe's open homophobia...

But LINK This presentation in 1999 shows that they preferred

Mugabe and socialism to capitalism and globalism...the big evil for

the PC World council of churches.

Now, I see both the

good and the evil behind globalism and the market economy in my

own country...however, when I see the economic improvements here

since 1999 and the economic collapse of the WCC's favorite third

world country, it makes me think that clergymen need to read

Hayek...see previous post for comic book version, which should be

easy enough for them to understand...

However, the good

news is that all of us in Southeast asia are aware of how Chinese

businessmen are at the forefront of the pact of

Mugabe with a pragmatic expanding China might actually lead to

improvements in the Zim economy in the long run...

However, it is very ironic that

the WCC still idolizes socialism, while the Chinese are the major


But I might be wrong:

as I said before, I know little about economics. All I know is how the

Chinese are active in the Philippine economy....and that for better or for worse they are working with the capitalist and globalist economy...

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