Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Neocon alert!

When the liberal UK Guardian sounds like Wolfowitz, you have to shake your head.


You'll have to scroll down to find where I linked Wolfowitz with the remark that banks hiding corruption money will have to come clean also...

Here is the Guardian's take:

Tony Blair's Commission for Africa report challenges industrialised countries to take responsibility for their role in promoting corruption, such as giving bribes or ignoring corrupt deals. Industrialised countries must work to repatriate money and state assets stolen from the people of Africa by corrupt leaders.

Foreign banks must also be obliged by law to inform on suspicious accounts. Those who give bribes should be dealt with too; foreign firms must be more transparent and those that bribe should be refused export credits....

Well, I'm glad everyone is on the same side of the issue...now if we can only open those Swiss bank accounts...

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