Tuesday, July 12, 2005

UN pushing abortion...ignoring genocide

Well, aside from the four horsemen of war, anarchy, famine and plague, what is the real problem for Africa?

They need help to abort their children....LINK

And another site said the UN added abortifactant drugs to the "necessary medicines".

But the abortion pills are no better than the local herbs, and have the same problem: Incomplete abortion, with hemorrhage and infection.

If I am sarcastic, it is because twenty years ago, when I worked in Africa, every village had a "pill lady", but until we got a grant from Germany, there were no wells to supply water in the dry season...and until we got a grant from Oxfam, there were no village health workers to give out rehydration fluid.... I support family planning, but only if you can guarantee the children born actually don't die of other diseases...the fact our women could get the pill, but not clean water, makes one wonder about priorities...

Oh yes: The public health nurse who supervised the village health workers (and ran our under fives clinic for immunizations) was Sister Patricia Walsh....

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