Friday, July 01, 2005

Ethnic cleansing

Most people in Zimbabwe are of the Mashona tribe, including most of those cleaned out in Hatfield...
This is why most are calling it democide, not genocide.
However, here is an older article on history of Mashona vs Matabele.


The author is Austin Bay, who writes on geopolitical strategy, and he points out how the Matabele are an offshoot of the warlike Zulu, and the history of the tribal feuds...which have been stoked by Mugabe...

But what happens if ethnic savagery begins? Send British paratroopers? That's a thought, though Mr. Mugabe would portray that as the return of the white colonialists. The real regional peacekeeper is South Africa. Though the South African government has shied away from involving itself with Zimbabwe's internal troubles, it cannot ignore a genocide on its northern border.

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