Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Text messaging?

HERE is a link telling of how the Mullahs in Iran, who control TV, radio, and newspapers, are now trying to stop text messaging of news by information.

I note this for two reasons.

One is that here in the Philippines, even though we have a free press, government opposition is using text messaging and also selling cd's by street vendors to get the message out...and this makes me wonder if they text message in Zimbabwe.

The second reason I made the link is that a week ago, I published a link to an article mentioning that Iran was helping Zimbabwe to set up TV and other communication technology...hmmm....

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zimpundit said...

Zimbabweans text message a lot. Matter of fact this has become the most popular method of communication since cellphone minutes have become so dear. Zvakwana, the protest group has used them to get word around during elections and other critical times.

During the failed stayaway a couple weeks ago, people did receive some texts, but obviously not enough people got texts.

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