Friday, June 17, 2005

ITV reports on atrocities


Foreign journalists are banned from Zimbabwe, but working covertly and in defiance of the authorities, ITV News has learnt of the sheer scale of the destruction that has taken place over the past two weeks.

ITV Africa correspondent Neil Connery, who entered Zimbabwe illegally, said: "It is wasteland. Street after street after street razed to the ground.

"It looked like a natural disaster. The hundreds of thousands who have been left homeless call this Zimbabwe's tsunami. But man, not nature is to blame for the destruction enveloping this country

"The whole force of the state is busy destroying homes and lives. The Government calls this Operation Restore Order."

Children from Hatcliff Orphanage, many of whom have been left destitute after their parents died from Aids, were given 24 hours to get out.

Sister Patricia Walsh from the orphanage said: "It was one of the most painful experiences. I never thought I would see the day this would happen to Zimbabwe."

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