Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Controlling information

about controlling internet content in the name of stopping white collar crime

A technical and co-operation protocol signed between the Angolan Social Communication Ministry and the Zimbabwe Department of Information and Publicity was upheld by the Cabinet Council in March this year.....
This protocol aims at the harmonisation of the laws and instruments of media organs, their production contents, regimes of investments and the national strategies for the challenges from an environment of a globallised media....

I'm not sure what this means in plain English, but since Angola learned a lot from the Cubans, it doesn't look good...

Did Zimbabwe buy tear gas from Malawi?
UK led the way in getting the European Union and the US to impose a ban on sales of tear gas to Zimbabwe in 2002 after the police were implicated in a pattern of human rights abuses.
But the Zimbabwe police have continued to obtain stocks of tear gas.
The BBC report said a British diplomatic source had told the BBC that there was increasing evidence pointing Malawi in a trade in teargas.
The BBC report also said it is understood that the British High Commissioner to Malawi wrote a letter to the government complaining about the purchase.
Although it is not thought that any British aid money was directly involved in the purchase, the report said local DFID staff apparently fear the Malawi government may be using “backfilling”.
Backfilling involves the diversion of the government’s own money earmarked for development projects followed by the use of British aid money to fill the financial void.
The BBC further said the claims have thrown the British government into embarrassment since Malawi is a major recipient of UK aid.
The teargas recently was linked to at least the death of 11 people, including five babies during a single incident in Zimbabwe.
Reports from human rights organisations say teargas has been in use in the last two weeks in Zimbabwe as police arrested 22,000 people as part of what they say is a crackdown on illegal traders.

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