Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Churches take up relief work

The Christian Science Monitor has a first hand report on the consequences of the Hatfield "cleanup"...

With Mugabe denying and delaying NGO help, the local churches are helping those displaced from Hatfield. Not mentioned, of course, is the situation in the rural areas, which lack food due to the drought, and who are not allowed to be helped by the NGO's. Many of these will go to relatives (see below) but alas, if they go back to their villages, they may be met by no food...

The paper has an "aside" on their stringer (local reporter from whom they got the story).

Homeless in Harare: The crackdown on the poor in Zimbabwe (see story) hit close to home for reporter Ryan Truscott. "We have a housekeeper whose cousin just had a baby. It was 2-days-old when the police moved in and demolished her house," he says. The mother and child are staying with the housekeeper and her daughter. "We've helped with clothes and bedding. Her situation is a microcosm of what's happened: The majority of the 300,000 homeless have been absorbed into extended families. Those without relatives go to churches or the holding camp outside Harare," he says.

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