Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Indoctrinating street children


The Zimbabwe government plans to conscript thousands of street children into its controversial national youth service training programme blamed for converting youths into violently zealous defenders of President Robert Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF party.....

Mohadi said the scheme to train the youths was part of wider efforts by the government to remove street children and other people from the streets and rehabilitate them. Mohadi said: "Yes there is a plan to ensure that we rid our streets of these kids, some of whom are now adults. They have to be rehabilitated and the facilities and resources (to train and rehabilitate them) will be found." Under the plan, the police will round up all youths from the streets and take them to holding centres to be set up in every city and town.

Good news: They don't have enough money to actually do it...

Bad News: Ruanda did the same thing.. trained street kids to be government thugs....remember what happened there?

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