Monday, June 06, 2005

Enabling Democide take two

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Responding to questions at a Press conference on aid to Africa at the Africa Economic Summit underway here, President Mkapa passionately defended Zimbabwe and said the stance by the West could not be tolerated, particularly at a time when the entire continent sought to engage the Group of Eight leading industrial nations (G-8) and other states and blocs in its endeavour to address current economic and social challenges.

"We are doing enough to explain Zimbabwe's situation to the world, but some have decided to be deaf to what we say. What can we do about it?" he said.

"All we hear are sanctimonious and pious statements that are totally abhorrent. I mean every word of it," he said, in apparent reference to the criticism and bad Press Zimbabwe continued to endure....

Then people wonder why Bush and polls in the UK aren't too eager to loan these "leaders" money...

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