Saturday, June 18, 2005 can help

NGO's now have permission to help those displaced by operation clean out poor people...aka Mugabekrystalnacht...the bad news is that the government is going to keep an eye on them...

Non-governmental organizations in Zimbabwe have started delivering relief to the displaced after securing permission from the government to do so. Jonah Mudewe, executive director of the National Association of Nongovernmental Organizations, told Studio Seven that a coordination center is being set up to manage the assistance effort.

NGOs received the go-ahead to provide relief from Housing Minister Ignatius Chombo late this week. It was agreed that the government would establish an emergency assistance committee to liaise with local NGOs and the international humanitarian organizations involved. This committee had not yet been set up as of Friday, but Mr Mudewe told Studio 7 reporter Patience Rusere that NGOs will work with state welfare services to determine critical needs.

Translation: Nothing being done is a weekend...and the government will make sure aid goes to those approved by the government...

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