Saturday, June 25, 2005

Slum clearance: NOT

BBC states that other countries won't condemn Hatfield because they had similar slum clearances..
Heck, we have similar clearances of squatters in the Philippines. I don't know why these other African countries cleared the squatters but in the Philippines, when this is done (often when there is a fire, often accidental but sometimes deliberate, that burns the bamboo and cardboard shacks), the government, families, churches and neighbors helps those displaced.
The big difference in Zimbabwe is that there is no govenment help. The "slums" include concrete houses and clinics, not cardboard shacks.
Secondly, In the Philippines, if someone builds a HOUSE on your land, you have to go to court and throw him out...and only from one plot, not an entire neighborhood. This is called "rule of law"..
Third, unlike those other African countries, those displaced were not being shipped to rural areas that are in the midst of a major famine.
So one suspects it is an ethnic cleansing of political enemies, not slum clearance.

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