Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It's all Bush's fault.

Well, according to the Beeb, who blames Bush for all climate change since 10,000 BC (when global warming destroyed the 200 foot glaciers that used to cover my old home in Minnesota)...
So now the cause of the starvation in Zimbabwe is.....(TA DA) BUSH.


or maybe it's Tony Blair... (hmm...thought he signed Kyoto)....

The Herald said climate change has been artificially induced "in a bid to arm-twist the region to capitulate to the whims of the world's superpowers".

It said weather was being manipulated for political gain using unspecified "unconventional" chemical weapons.

It is widely seen as a mouthpiece for President Robert Mugabe's government, correspondents say.

It said recent droughts, which defied predictions by the Zimbabwean government and the Southern African Development Community's Drought Monitoring Centre, pointed to the possibility of the weather being manipulated for political purposes.

Guess Mugabe doesn't listen to Art Bell (the conspiracy radio show in the USA)...doesn't he know it's due to HAARP?

But then, what about the severe famine in the 1950's? Or in the 1960's? Or in the 1970's? Or in the 1990's?
Ah, but for those droughts we had a government willing to import food...

The dirty little secret is that Zimbabwe is a dry country with periodic famines...sort of like Kansas...ah, but in Kansas they irrigate...and if they irrigate in Zimbabwe, they'd have two harvests a year...

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