Sunday, June 19, 2005

Mugabe stripped of honorary degree


Michigan State University (MSU), ... awarded our very own dictator an honourary Doctor of Laws in 1990. .....

The fact that MSU awarded this evil man an honourary doctorate is now a serious embarrassment to the famous institution, one of the Big Ten in the USA. A small group of students and staff at MSU are lobbying the relevant authorities at MSU to strip Mugabe of the doctorate, but the authorities are reluctant to do so arguing that such action is likely to embarrass the institution even further.

It is better to hope that most people have now forgotten all about it, they argue. It is obvious that the MSU awarded the honour on our dear dictator well before he had shown his true colours. MSU was not aware that deep down in his heart of hearts, if he still has one,

The brave reporter than added this comment:

Mugabe is a die-hard racist and tribalist. A cursory examination of the composition of his cabinet clearly demonstrates the dictator’s desperate moves to ensure that he is surrounded by people only from his own Zezuru tribal grouping.

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