Saturday, June 25, 2005

BBC ignoring a million deaths.

The BEEB has an article on Mozambique celebrating independence.


It starts with the story of the EVIL PORTUGUESE COLONIALISTS
and goes on to say that Mozambique was at the forefront of the war against apartheid, another colonialist bogeyman.

But then, in the middle of the article, to be missed if you read too quickly, is the line:
a frontline state in the anti-apartheid struggle with neighbouring South Africa, spawning a civil war that claimed more than a million lives

There was a war against the communist government that was mainly tribal, and South Africa helped the non communist side.
Like Angola, where Cubans backed the communist government and protected the oil companies, and South Africa backed the non communist majority tribe, this is rewriting history.

When both sides are distasteful, the people suffer. But acknowledging the evils of apartheid does not mean you have to ignore the evils of communist social engineering, or the evils of tyrants of one tribe ignoring and killing those belonging to another tribe...

"There were no rains in 1972/73. In 1983 we saw people dying, it happened again in 1991/92 and in fact it happens every 10 years.

Oh, you mean there were deaths in the 1990's also? Oh well, instead of blaming pro apartheid SA we will blame Bush for Global warming, or blame globaliztion...of course, if you start irrigation and proper crops, you could export food, but that's not politically correct, I guess...

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