Monday, June 06, 2005

Mugabe's enablers

Last week, I listed some South African defenders of Mugabe...

Most in SAfrica do not defend him, but just want to gently persuade him not to commit democide....

However, Tanzanian president Mkapa defends Mugabe:

Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa strongly defended Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe at a meeting of the World Economic Forum in Cape Town yesterday.

"Zimbabwe has a right to manage its own affairs," Mkapa said yesterday.

HMMM...I believe the quote is: Am I my brother's keeper?

In reply to a journalist's question about his views on developments in Zimbabwe, Mkapa said Mugabe's land-redistribution programme was, "returning the ownership of the country to its people".

Ah, but which people? To the cronies of the government? I guess the Natabele don't count...

His remarks have confirmed further the Southern African Development Community's reluctance to distance itself from Mugabe on governance issues.

In psychology this is called moral theology, it is cooperation with sin...

But the Tanzanian president's strident remarks in support of Mugabe also run counter to the message that the World Economic Forum is pushing at its Cape Town meeting - that of a continent increasingly unprepared to tolerate poor governance.....

Mkapa said he felt emotional about Zimbabwe and particularly about what he saw as the west's unjust criticism.

As he would be leaving office when his term ended in a few months' time, he now felt free to speak out on Zimbabwe.

The Tanzanian president said he found "sanctimonious and pious declarations" by western countries about Zimbabwe "totally abhorrent".

It's not "totally abhorrent" to starve people, keep out NGO's who offer to feed your people, and destroy houses of poor's only abhorrent to criticize those who do...not.

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