Saturday, April 26, 2008

Zimbabwe forces arrest hundreds

from the UK Telegraph

Zimbabwean security forces have staged a series of violent raids on critics of President Robert Mugabe, arresting hundreds of opposition activists, election monitors and even hospital patients....

In the capital, Harare, heavily armed riot police smashed their way through groups of injured opposition supporters, including women and children, who had fled from the violence being meted out in rural areas by thugs deployed by the ruling Zanu-PF party.

The group was gathered outside the headquarters of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change, which the police then stormed, arresting an estimated 300 people.

In the first raid on the offices since the disputed March 29 elections, police also confiscated computers and all the party's election materials including data it used to predict results.

Many MDC supporters in Zanu-PF strongholds have had their homes razed in arson attacks, while hundreds have been treated for serious injuries, particularly in the east of the country.... A warrant shown during the raid said that the authorities were looking for subversive material which could be used to overthrow the government.

He also said they had confiscated lists of names and addresses of thousands of people who had been hired by the network as observers for the election.

There were reports from central Zimbabwe that the rural Driefontein hospital run by the Roman Catholic Church was closed down on Wednesday after men calling themselves war veterans kidnapped patients and beat up medical staff....

(driefontein is east of Gweru and in Central Zim)

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