Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Zim court delays ruling on vote count

from IHTribune:

JOHANNESBURG: Zimbabwe's High Court on Monday delayed by at least 24 hours a decision on whether to force the government to release the results of the disputed presidential election, as the opposition leader who requested the ruling traveled to South Africa for talks.

The developments came on the ninth day of waiting by Zimbabweans to find out who had won the election. ...
he court had planned to issue a ruling on Monday. But Tendai Biti, the secretary general of the Movement for Democratic Change, said in a telephone interview from Harare, Zimbabwe's capital, that the court had decided to delay deliberations on a decision until Tuesday.

Suggesting that the court was in no hurry to act, Biti also noted that Zimbabwe's judiciary had benefited from government patronage, particularly when they had been given farms confiscated from white farmers. "We're skeptical," he said...

the state-run newspaper The Herald on Monday, Mugabe urged Zimbabweans to defend their land from former white "colonizers," adding to fears that he may be preparing to stir unrest and mount a campaign of violent intimidation of the kind he has used to win past elections.

The newspaper said there were "widespread reports of white former farmers flocking back into the country" to take over the land in the event of an opposition victory...

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