Thursday, April 10, 2008

bread milk and toilet paper

from Kubatana net

Bread, milk and toilet paper


I’ve just been into my bank and the conversation went something like this

“Are you online?”
- yes

“Do you have cash?”
- no

“Is the ATM working?”
- no

As Comrade Fatso reminds us in his blog below, our streets are now our supermarkets, and our banks are dealers on corners.

Torn posters of presidential candidates on durawalls. At every intersection. ...

As they decided to invade farms and arrest election officials this past that we are living in just became a worse future. ...So bread is now hustled on street corners for two US dollars. Like an illegal drug. Milk has also joined the list of ‘goods’ that are sold in our parallel economy. Not in the shops but on the streets. And if you’re looking for toliet paper then just drive to the nearest ‘Give Way’ sign, a Zimbabwean ‘Stop’ sign....

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