Saturday, April 05, 2008

World press asks local countries to pressure Zim

From IWPR:

US and UK media say countries in the region should pressure Mugabe to accept election results.

By Erica Beinlich in London (AR No. 164, 03-Apr-08)

As Zimbabwe awaits the outcome of last week’s presidential elections, influential international media have called on neighbouring countries to ensure that the will of the people is respected.

Since the harmonised elections on March 29, opinion pieces published in leading US and the UK newspapers have pressed southern African states to do what they can to ensure ballot results are properly processed and adhered to, so that votes for change in Zimbabwe were not cast in vain.

Although official results from the presidential poll have yet to be announced, the Movement for Democratic Change, MDC, has already claimed a victory ...

“The leaders of neighbouring African countries must now make clear that the will of the Zimbabwean people must be upheld,” said the Independent on April 1. “The vote in Zimbabwe has already been recorded loudly.”

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Living Zimbabwe said...

What pressure? Mugabe will do what Mugabe wants. All this delaying of results is just one of his tactics he is using to hold onto power.

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