Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shocking accounts of torture

SWRadioAfrica via All Africa:


Children and the elderly are not escaping the brutality. A girl of 7 and a boy 10 years of age were seen and treated by physicians from the Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights this week. The organisation reported a cumulative total of 323 cases of organised violence and torture in April alone. 81 of the cases they treated were within a 3-day period.

There are numerous, confirmed reports from around the country, of brutal attacks. In Chiweshe villagers were forced to plunge their voting hands into boiling water while being told 'this is the hand that betrayed the nation'. Driefontein Hospital in Chirumhanzu, Mindlands province has been closed down after a group of 300 Zanu PF youth militia besieged it. The hospital authorities were accused of treating MDC members and the medical staff were beaten up. It is alleged that the youths then attacked the patients.....

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