Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chinese ship with weapons for Zim lands in South Africa

From terra daily:

Johannesburg (AFP) April 16, 2008
A Chinese ship carrying a consignment of weapons destined for Zimbabwe was cleared through customs at the South African port of Durban on Wednesday, police and transport officials said.

"There are arms on the vessel and the ship is on the outer anchorage of the port and it's been docked here since April 14," Nicholas Gunther of the police explosives unit in Durban told South Africa's SAPA news agency.

A transport spokesman later confirmed that the "An Yue Jiang", which was initially denied entry for having incorrect paperwork, had been cleared through customs.

International sanctions imposed by Western countries against Zimbabwe include a ban on weapons sales to the country. ....

In February a report adopted by the foreign affairs commission of the European Parliament urged the European Union to put pressure on China to stop stop delivering weapons to African countries, naming Zimbabwe in particular....

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