Friday, April 25, 2008

Mugabe rival a "clear victor"

from the BBC:

Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai was the "clear victor" of last month's poll, a top US envoy says....

Earlier, the leaders of the Anglican church called for international action to prevent violence in Zimbabwe reaching "horrific levels".

Meanwhile, a Chinese foreign ministry official said a ship carrying weapons to Zimbabwe might return to China.

'Accept result'

Independent Zimbabwean monitors say Mr Tsvangirai gained 49% of the vote - just short of the threshold for outright victory - but more than President Mugabe.

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) says its leader gained 50.3% and so should be declared the winner....


and the BBC on recount:

The results of the first recounts in Zimbabwe's parliamentary elections are in, with the ruling and opposition parties retaining one seat each.

The ruling Zanu-PF party held its seat in Goromonzi West, while the opposition MDC held on to Zaka West, the Zimbabwe Election Commission said.

The MDC says the recounts are an attempt to rig the election and overturn its parliamentary majority....

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