Saturday, April 05, 2008

Zim opposition asks international community to help

From earthtimes:
The opposition urged the country's election commission to finally release the eagerly awaited results of the presidential elections. MDC on Saturday filed a court injunction demanding publication of the results. It remained unclear whether their motion was to gain court approval. The official election commission had argued that while Zimbabwean laws said the results had to be released within six days after the polls, they said it was not stipulated whether it had to be calender days or working days. Working with this legal interpretation, the commission would have until Monday to release the results. The government Zanu-PF party raised doubt about the MDC's success in the parliamentary polls. The opposition won 16 constituencies only by issuing bribes, Mugabe's party said. Should the election commission follow this line of argument, the Zanu-PF could reclaim a parliamentary majority....

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