Monday, April 07, 2008

Mbeki to Mugabe: No reruns

From the Zimbabwean UK

SADC leaders are trying to persuade President Robert Mugabe not to insist on a re-run of the presidential elections. .....In what could be an unprecedented stance by the usually insipid SADC leaders, we can reveal that a prompt response on Friday by Mbeki - believed to have consulted his regional colleagues – indicated that they wanted the Zimbabwean political issue settled now.
The region cannot afford three more months of instability.
In order to implement his strategy, Mugabe would have to make another unilateral amendment to the Electoral Act, which currently requires a re-run to be done after 21 days from the day of polling.
Sources told The Zimbabwean on Sunday that Mbeki was under pressure from the international community to ensure the Zimbabwean issue was settled expeditiously. He and his SADC colleagues have been warned by the opposition in Zimbabwe that allowing Mugabe to delay his exit from power could drag the country into serious violence, negatively impacting on SA’s plans to host the 2010 soccer World Cup....

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Big said...

This is the one thing the South Africans have not taken into account . in the event that Mugabe /ZANU PF does not stand down the violence that will follow will put paid to the 2010 world cup. no one will go to SA if full scale civil war is going on in Zim. It may at last be some payola for SA unwillingness to act.


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