Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Operation "Put your X here"

Terrible photos on Sokwanele blog...

The images below are of a 22 year old male from Musaruro Village Mudzi. He narrated what happened to him:

The ZPF youth came to my shop on Friday 11 April 2008 at 9pm, broke the door down and dragged me out of the building. The said “you are an MDC member”. They took all the groceries from my shop then burned grass on both my hands. After that they beat my hands and back with wooden poles. I went to Kotwa rural district hospital and they gave me 2 paracetamol - they had nothing else.”

Injuries sustained: Burns to both hands and left arm. 2 metacarpels and 1 metatarsal bones and ulna broken left hand/arm and on the right hand thumb and fifth finger broken...

Over 500 farm workers displaced in Mutasa South and Chipinge (Tanganda and Southdown Holdings) following invasions by so called war veterans.

A passenger on a bus reported seeing a man being hung by his hands from a tree while a group was beating him at Corner Store, between Muhrewa and Mutoko - this took place at approximately 4 pm Sunday 13 April 2008....

more HERE.

The pattern that is emerging is that of retribution being carried out against the District level of the MDC Tsvangirai leadership.

These houses (destroyed on Wednesday evening) belong to MDC district office bearers in the Macheke area of Mashonaland East.

Other news across the region:

There are reports of people fleeing from the army in Kotwa (Mutoko). The ones that can’t afford the bus fare to Harare are hiding in the bush.

The Army are beating locals in Mt Darwin, Raffingora, and Karoi. In their words: “They fear for their life.” Some are crossing the border to Mozambique to seek refuge status.

There are reports of the army also beating locals in Mkoba (Gweru).

Finally, Morris Banda the zanu pf losing candidate councilor in Tafara (Mabvuku) has hired zanu pf thugs (called chipangano) who are threatening residents and beating them for not voting for him.

more at Gateway pundit.

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