Thursday, April 17, 2008

UN Security council to discuss Zim

From Zim online
JOHANNESBURG – A high-level United Nations Security Council meeting will today discuss Zimbabwe’s deepening election stalemate, among several crises in Africa.

Zimbabwe is not officially on the agenda but key Western diplomats and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon have indicated they would drag the country onto the table despite council chair South Africa’s unwillingness to have the matter discussed....

Mbeki, the Southern African Development Community’s official mediator in Zimbabwe, has said the situation in the African country was still manageable and urged the international community to keep its hand off for now.

However Ban said today’s council meeting offered "a natural opportunity to address the situation in Zimbabwe," siding with the US, Britain and France that have urged the Security Council and AU leaders to take up the worsening election standoff in the southern African nation.

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ash said...

Time for intervention of Un forces if AU does not intervene. Remove the tyrant and let International Court of Justice try him and his minions for crime against humanity. Prevention is better than cure. World Leaders do not wait for genocide to act but ACT NOW.

A request to Grace and her children. Leave Mugabe and tell the world that you don't approve what your dirty old hug (husband/father) is doing otherwise you will have no where to go as well. The word MUGABE will become synonym of Devil.

Airforce commander and army chief--- Beware your time is coming. You have to account for millions of death.

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