Thursday, May 19, 2005

yes we need Food aid...but

Mugabe says yes, Zimbabwe needs food aid...BUT
He doesn't want it tied to "any political conditions"....
Mugabe, who was accused of using access to food as a weapon in recent parliamentary elections, had earlier accused donors of seeking to choke Zimbabweans with unwanted aid and told them to take their aid elsewhere.

In another part of the article we read:
Between two million and five million Zimbabweans face starvation unless 1,2-million tonnes of grain are imported quickly.

so much for unwanted food aid. ..but it gets worse:

He has also refused to remove the government Grain Marketing Board's monopoly on the distribution of grain.
...In 1998, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund withdrew budget support because of chronic financial indiscipline, including sending 14 000 troops to the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

"The Zimbabwean government is clear that the primary responsibility of ensuring that Zimbabweans are provided with food is its own," said Charamba.

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change is attempting to import an initial 200 000 tonnes of grain for its own relief effort, but fears shipments will be seized at the border by customs, on ministerial orders.

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