Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Local blogging from Zimbabwe

If you are not up on Cathy Buckle's letters, you need to read them...

From this weeks' letter she discusses standing in line for petrol (gasoline)

As the day got hotter and the sun higher, still the tanker didn't come and people started giving up. I gave up after three hours. A fruitless line for a few litters of petrol seemed a far cry from the incessant crowing on the propaganda TV and radio all week about our newly acquired Chinese aeroplanes. If the propaganda is to be believed these two new aeroplanes are going to "turnaround" the economy, "revive tourism" and flood the country with foreign currency. I can't help wondering if these Chinese planes also need fuel to operate as frankly the irony of new planes and no fuel is just too staggering.

Yup. Mugabe has his priorities right...jet planes, not food...

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