Sunday, May 15, 2005

Birds of a feather

Isn't it amazing how the "axis of evil" manages to stick together with other genocidal tyrannies?

Iran lauds Mugabe

The Iranian ambassador said, in his part, that the parliamentary election of Zimbabwe was a "great success" for the country.

Yup. The Mullahs know how to steal elections too: Just prevent the undesirable from being on the ballot, censor free speech etc. But even the Mullahs didn't threaten to stop food shipments from villages that voted against them...although after hearing about protests from Arab minorities, maybe they are a bit biased..

He also noted that the last January visit to Zimbabwe of President Mohammad Khatami and signing 12 memoranda of understanding (MOUs) during his visit indicated Tehran-Harare good relations in all fields.

The ambassador added that Tehran contributed 150 million dollars to various projects in Zimbabwe.

Ah, that's nice.... but will it be used to fund jet fighters? Or just put in Swiss bank accounts?

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