Sunday, May 29, 2005

White Bwana alert

Actually, bwana is not a mashona word...but comes from the movies, where the superior white people think that because they have white skin, that danger and the laws of nature don't apply to them.

So we have a stupid European woman from the UK who, instead of driving her own car, or flying, actually takes a local bus...and then when the bus crashes, sues the bus company...

Look, lady, I'm sorry you lost a leg in a bus accident, but those are the dangers involved in traveling on buses. Heck, in the Philippines, if I ride on a ferry, and it sinks, do I sue for being that stupid? I mean, a couple ferries sink here every year, it's part of the package of living in the Third world.

And the million Rand/pounds you are asking for compensation would feed a lot of starving people...

Ah, but you are "environmental biologist" I guess you only care for trees and animals, not poor people...

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