Sunday, May 15, 2005

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Another South African praises the "election" in Zimbabwe...

They were run "impeccably"...
a defiant Khunou said there had been no political violence or repression in Zimbabwe and the election was peaceful.

Translation: Since they didn't stuff the ballot boxes, it was a "fair" I said earlier, yes, counting the vote was fair...because if it was unfair, he would have gotten 90 plus percent of the vote, like Saddam Hussein.

But the "unfair" part was pre election.
First, dead people voted. Nothing new here. In the USA, it is a joke about the dead in Chicago voting. Then there are voting twice. Again in the USA< there is a joke: Vote early and vote often...

But when I lived in Zimbabwe, it was pointed out to me that it was easy to intimidate voters. Unlike accusations that voters were intimidated in Florida because there was a policeman a block from the election site, or that they had to wait an hour to Zimbabwe what would occur is that in the middle of the night, a hut would be set on fire..after the door was barred. Since the huts have grass roofs, this kills those inside.

But it is an open secret that there has been a drought and food is low...and Mugabe has discouraged food shipments by NGO's...his government wants to distribute the food...and if your village votes against him, guess what happens?

"There was no verifiable evidence to justify food discrimination claims against MDC (opposition) supporters," said Khunou.

And guess why there was no evidence? Aside from kicking out the NGO's, I mean...

She said the laws used to shut down five newspapers and force the opposition to get police permission to hold political meetings had been properly implemented to "enforce law and order".

As Rummy says: The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence...20 million Ukrainians died and the NYTimes ignored it...Saddam Hussein killed hundreds of thousands, but CNN ignored it so they could station a reporter in who is going to go to isolated villages and find the real truth?

Fair elections? FAIR ELECTIONS?????

Lady, you are a liar...but what goes around comes around

Remember: Chinyoka chidyawo...

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